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How to Keep Your Hand Knit Items Clean

If you are feeling low lately due to the pressure that you are facing in your life, the best thing that you should do is to find a valuable hobby that can make you feel good about yourself. You have to find a worthwhile activity that could capture your concentration so you’ll never have to think too much about the things that have been stressing you. You may want to learn to knit and join the knitting craze among common people and celebrities.

Learn To Knit

Knitting is undeniably a great activity that you should enjoy. However, you have to remember that knitting requires you to be responsible, especially with the materials that you’re using. You have to remember that hand-knit items are treasures of someone’s time, skill and artistic talent. So whether you got it as a gift or you bought it as a gift to yourself, you’ve got to know the proper ways of keeping your knit items clean. You may follow these few, helpful tips.

1. Whisk the knitted item in the water. You do not have to scrub them.
2. Use cold water for rinsing. Make sure that you drain the sink first though. You can just repeat this process over and over until the water is clear and free of suds.
3. Transfer the items to a dry towel.

In order to be successful in whatever project that you have in mind, you need to know the importance of choosing the most suitable yarn that you should use. You also have to make sure that you are giving your yarn the best care that it has to get. Superwash wool can be hand or machine washed on the gentle cycle using cold water while cotton, linen and ramie yarn can be washed in the washing machine on a gentle cycle using either cold or warm water. Aside from knowing the best ways to do it, you also have to carefully pick the kind of detergent that you should use. If you have a yarn that is made up of wool fibers, you need to choose a formula developed for wool or mild baby shampoo. Lanolin is a natural oil produced by sheep which helps in preserving wool fibers and increases the water resistance of wool. This is the type of detergent that you should use for the hand knit outerwear. Hand washing may be a lot of trouble if you will not be careful.


Pima Cotton vs. Regular Cotton: What’s Your Ideal Kind of Softness?

More and more people, especially women are into the knitting craze and there is so much to love about the hobby. It is not surprising to know that knitting is your favorite relaxation now but you need to know that the secret to successful projects is choosing the best materials that you should use. You have to know the differences of each material so you can pick the best one that you should use for the particular project that you have in mind. One of the most important things that you need to learn is the differences between the regular cotton and pima cotton for the sake of your yarn.

Pima Cotton

Pima cotton is basically higher in quality. Materials made from this material will be softer, denser, and sturdier than those that are made from the regular cotton. If you want your product to be really luxurious, you’ve got to pick the Egyptian cotton which is widely considered to be one of the finest cottons in the world. While you may think that it is just cotton, you need to take note that not all cottons are alike. For sure, you want your finished products to be durable so make sure that you choose long cotton fibers. This will also result to less pilling and fraying of the fabric. Pima cotton cultivation is by Native Americans who probably got the crop from Peru.

While it is true that cottons are not created alike, all cottons are known for their breathability, softness, and comfort, making cotton a tremendously popular textile. The only drawback of choosing prima cotton is that it is more expensive compared with the regular one but with all its awesome benefits, it is surely worth it. Consumers feel that the quality outweighs the additional cost. It is indeed a valuable investment.

In choosing the cotton that you should use, you have to consider the things that are most important. First, you have to think about how the textile will be used. With things like sheets and towels, on the other hand, the density and soft texture of pima cotton is valuable. These textiles are undoubtedly more comfortable and you can certainly count on them for years of use. For sure, you’d love to keep things soft so make sure that you get into the better choice. You deserve the most out of softness and comfort. And remember that cost outweighs the quality.